Self Drilling Anchor Bolts


Self Drilling Anchor Bolts are fully threaded anchors, consisting of a hollow bar, extruded in cold, with external thread to join with drill bits and sleeves and also form part of the cement mortar with which they are subsequently injected.


Brief Introduction Of Self Drilling Anchor Parts


SDA self drilling anchor system is an advanced system which can ensure the anchoring effect for complex ground conditions. It can be integrated with the functions of drilling grounting and anchoring.

The Feature Of The Self Drilling Anchor Bar


The main feature of the Self-Drilling Anchor (SDA) system is the application of a single-use drill bit in combination with the rock bolt being used as a drill steel. Thus, the rock bolt is connected to the hydraulic rock drill by an adapter device and installed in the way a conventional borehole is drilled. SDA program consists of the following: Single-use drill bits, which are available either hardened or with carbide inserts Hollow, steel bars, with a continuous outside thread Steel couplings, with a continuous inside thread Steel nuts Steel face plates

Mine tunnel roof support anchor bolt


Self drilling anchor system can be installed in sites with weak rock, loose soil, weathered layer, sand with stone layer and so difficult to creat a hole in complex formation.